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Smart Spectrum Management

Spectrum Consulting

Though the radio spectrum has been in commercial use for well over 100 years, usage is increasingly dynamic, with new services and technologies having to be fitted in alongside erstwhile systems that continue to operate.

Pressure on the use of the spectrum comes from an ever wider range of users and uses including transport, broadcasting, critical infrastructure, defense and blue-light services, business verticals and, of course, the general public. Finding ways to ensure that all can achieve their objectives whilst ensuring an acceptable interference environment requires the balancing of a number of technical, economic and even social parameters.

How we can support you in this challenge

LS telcom's spectrum consulting team have extensive experience of working with international and national regulatory bodies, as well as a range of spectrum users, to help unblock regulatory bottlenecks, and relieve pressure whilst ensuring compatibility between services.

With a global perspective, our team can bring the best international experience to bear meaning that rather than a 'one size fits all approach' the widest range of possible solutions will be examined to find an optimum outcome.

Our experience covers a wide range of subjects.

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