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Smart Spectrum Management & Monitoring

Combined System Solutions

Compare the measured reality with your license databases

Spectrum monitoring serves as the eyes and ears of the spectrum management process. Does every licensed spectrum user comply with the license conditions? Is there interference? Are there certain bands which are used inefficiently, or are there any bottlenecks? You will never know if you do not perform spectrum monitoring.

As a global market leader in both spectrum management and monitoring solutions, we understand how to bring those two worlds together. With the option to connect our spectrum management system mySPECTRA to LS OBSERVER, customers are able to compare the real measured spectrum with their license databases in an automated way. With the automatic violation detection (AVD) feature, spectrum masks can be created based on a licensed emitter database. For each monitoring unit in the field and based on wave propagation and topographic data, the system is able to calculate the expected receive level of each emitter from the license database. This forms the basis for 24/7 automated monitoring after license violations and interference.

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