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Airports, Ports & Transportation Hubs

What it takes to become a smart and connected airport

Airport requirements and services are constantly growing which increases the demand for wireless communications, both landside and airside. Not only providing excellent passenger experience while offering mobile services like 4G/5G, WiFi or Bluetooth is what characterizes a smart and connected airport. Equally important is also to assure a flawless availability of critical communications (e.g. TETRA) in order to guarantee safety at all times. Additionally, there are also many other wireless services such as those linked to air traffic control (ATC), or dispatch, logistics, passenger flow control, autonomous operating baggage systems and other IoT applications. All these radio technologies and services need to be properly planned and implemented to assure ubiquitous connectivity and thus availability of service.

LS telcom supports airports in identifying, selecting and implementing the right radio technologies, helps airports manage the overall radio spectrum to proactively avoid interference and lets airport protect its radio networks with 24/7 surveillance. From the vision to the implementation and beyond. Ready to take off with us?

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The challenge: Guaranteeing a safe, interference-free radio environment

The variety of spectrum services outweighs that of spectrum users which is complex to operate and manage. In addition, new radio services for IoT networks and 5G mobile communications will be introduced at airports increasing the demand on airport operators. There is a concrete need for efficient spectrum engineering and management in order to accommodate all required wireless services within the congested spectrum environment and limited geography as it is within the airport footprint.

The solution: Independent and integrated Smart Spectrum Solutions


Spectrum management made easy

mySPECTRA is LS telcom’s holistic and proactive spectrum management system for the digitalization and automation of business processes.

  • Spectrum resource planning based on a central database
  • Consistent business processing based on digital workflows
  • Automated radio-frequency compatibility analysis
  • Digital dashboards with customer specific KPI's

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Better safe than sorry

LS OBSERVER is LS telcom’s monitoring system for preventive and sustainable radio protection.
With LS OBSERVER, a variety of network-based processes are assured

  • 24/7 spectrum surveillance (VHF, UHF, SHF)
  • Automated detection of spectrum interference
  • Real-time localization of radio interferers
  • AI-based analysis of measurement data

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Consulting, planning and realization of radio networks

It's all on us

We are an independent and neutral provider of consulting services and network components:

  • Management and feasibility studies
  • Spectrum acquisition 
  • Network design and planning
  • Procurement of network components
  • Integration and commissioning

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Take ubiquitous connectivity to the next level: Private Wireless Networks

For digital networking to function smoothly and trouble-free, airports need a reliable network that promises bandwidth, security and data sovereignty. The requirements for such a network must be individually adapted and tailor-made. Large volumes of data must be transported securely and reliably. Sounds complicated and almost impossible at first - but it is not. The solution: a private wireless network.

Reasons for a Private Wirless Network:

  • Exclusive radio spectrum assuring high quality of networks
  • Availability of full network capacity
  • Radio network design based on airport specific requirements
  • High level of security with full access control
  • Exploit advantages of 5G technology

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Integrated radio assurance solution

Business portfolio


Services and tools for conception, design, realization & optimization of reliable, highly available & safe indoor & outdoor radio networks.


Workflow-based approval & management processes for radio communication infrastructure & users. Management solution based on a central spectrum database, co-existence, analysis, governance & internal rules.


Spectrum inventory measurements & coverage simulations to validate the current spectrum usage. Identification, location & assessment of unknown transmissions. Improving the data basis for future decisions.


Permanent spectrum monitoring as a preventive early-warning system to avoid, identify, locate & solve network problems. Avoiding problems preferably before they become safety or business critical.

Trouble shooting

Elimination of identified problems & issues.

One of our success stories...

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol commissioned LS telcom for frequency management & licensing to become a "Leading Smart Digital Airport".

The challenge

Ensuring a safe, interference- and incident free radio environment at the airport while providing enough radio frequencies for all radio networks, services and applications
required at the airport under the growing demand from all customers for wireless air and ground communication.

The solution

Development of a general licensing framework and introduction of an automated spectrum management system including a frequency database and radio monitoring capabilities accompanied by consulting and supporting professional services by LS telcom experts.

The result

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now has full visibility of the used radio spectrum and infrastructure. They deliver their customers excellent, highly reliable, interference-free and save radio services at the airport. The airport can detect incidents, misuse and illegal frequency use and react immediately. This contributes to the general safety at Schiphol Airport and improves its overall positive passenger experience significantly.

Where you can benefit

Your ONE-STOP ENTERPRISE for all your radio assurance needs.