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5G is considered to be the technology of tomorrow. In November last year, the German Federal Network Agency created the opportunity to apply for a separate frequency band of up to 100 MHz for the development of a local mobile network. We would be pleased to show you how we can support you in this process. The presentation will give you an overview of all the services we can offer you in the area of 5G - from study and application to the planning and implementation of your own local network.

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To give you a live demonstration of the various features of our automated spectrum monitoring solution LS OBSERVER, we have implemented a demo system at a medium-sized airport in Germany near our headquarters. The demo system includes 4 networked LS OBSERVER fixed monitoring units (FMUs) which are managed by the central monitoring software (CMS). The very crowded and dynamic RF environment of an airport is perfectly suited to demonstrate you powerful features of LS OBSERVER like automatic violation detection, geolocation or long-term analysis. The live software demonstration is supported by informative slides to give you an overview of the LS OBSERVER product portfolio, the technical background and typical use cases.

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CHIRplus_BC is a powerful tool for planning and coordination of analogue and digital broadcast services. It can be used to analyse existing networks, plan new frequencies or perform coordination calculations according to international agreements. The tool offers a highly sophisticated geographic information system, an ergonomic graphical user interface, a powerful database application and exceptional broadcast engineering features. In the online demonstration of the tool we will show you the key features and discuss your use cases.

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The network planning tool CHIRplus_TC allows for accurate design and optimization for different network types radio technologies. The tool is able to work with microwave links, landmobile communications as well as new technologies such as IoT and SmartGrids. In our demonstration, we will show you how to design and set up a radio network and how to do a precise and efficient planning in a user-friendly manner.

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Are you interested in a graphical overview that shows precisely the performance of your mobile network? In our online demo, we will show you how to plan and optimize 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. The user friendly web-based solution CHIRplus_NGN provides a powerful coverage analysis provides detailed statistics and detects coverage holes.

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In order to introduce you to the full potential of SpectrumMap, we have chosen no other location for the demo system than Shanghai, one of the largest urbanizations in the world.

Since SpectrumMap lives from Big Data, we have collected data from hundreds of sensors and drive tests around the city area of Shanghai. Based on this monitoring data we will demonstrate you how to create various visualizations such as coverage or dynamic field strength maps.

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Managing a scarce resource like the radio spectrum is an important and complex task. But does this also mean that the tools required for this task need to be complex as well? No, our spectrum management system mySPECTRA combines comprehensive functionality with great usability. Within the web-based environment, the user is guided smoothly through all necessary processes by a powerful workflow engine. You can make use of standardized and practice proven procedures, or configure the system according to your specific requirements. We are looking forward to presenting you the features of mySPECTRA and discussing possible use cases.

For the planning and trouble-free operation of your radio networks, we develop a network concept independent of system manufacturers that exactly meets your requirements. Your networks are planned securely, highly available, reliable, economical, on schedule and within budget. Many years of international experience in the field of Critical Communications and a large number of successfully implemented reference projects enable us to achieve the best possible results in the planning and optimization of your networks.

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In addition to above-mentioned LS telcom products and services, we assist with a variety of other challenges and situations. Please find an overview over all LS telcom products here:

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