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5G - New Radio

The new communication standard 5G (New Radio) will bring a whole new variety of applications to citizens, the private and the public sector. The related changes are often described as a revolution and a new era with a vast amount of connected and intelligent devices. 5G provides the basis for such changes and offers enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communications (mMTC) and ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC). As such 5G is a key component of industry 4.0 and smart factories.

However, not only the applications are changing but also the way how such networks are set up and operated. Mobile network operators are no longer the only stakeholders that are interested in the related radio spectrum. Also vertical markets such as  the manufacturing sector, processing industry, energy providers, public transportation, etc. intend to build up their own network in order to be more independent and to benefit from the new communication standard.

We are closely following the new trends and developments with regards to 5G and we will support you with all questions related to 5G. The following packages are available which are of particular interest for new stakeholders that want to get their share of the new technology.

Let´s face the challenge together!

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5G Training

We are offering dedicated training courses providing the participants with a clearer understanding how the evolution towards a 5G standard is leading the chase to identify new spectrum, which spectrum bands are under consideration, and whether 5G might mark the end to the hunger of mobile operators for more mobile spectrum.

More about the training courses:

Spectrum Matters for 5G

5G Readiness and Network Deployment

Workshop zum 5G Antragsverfahren für die Industrie

Frequency Application Support for 5G-Campus-Networks

LS telcom is the leading provider of spectrum management systems worldwide and knows the procedures for frequency applications in detail. All customers that are interested in obtaining licenses for the usage of local 5G campus network frequencies can rely on our support during the entire application process with the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA). We will prepare all required technical and administrative application forms considering the relevant guidelines and constraints.

Status Report 5G

The implementation of the new 5G standard can differ significantly from country to country. As a consequence, getting and maintaining an overview can be difficult for spectrum users that intend to build up 5G networks in multiple countries worldwide. We can collect all required information and provide an overview about the current status of 5G both locally and worldwide. This includes for example the availability of spectrum, the application procedures, dates and deadlines, etc.

Assistance in Discussion with Regulatory and Standardization Bodies

Based on multiple years of successful cooperation with national network regulators, we have built up a strong network that helps to influence the decision process during the application procedure. We are in contact with the respective persons regularly and can support your interest by talking to the correct persons on behalf of a company or industrial sector.

Spectrum Inventory

In order to be able to set up a performant 5G network it is mandatory to know the area of operation in detail. We can carry out a spectrum inventory using our monitoring solution LS OBSERVER to provide you with a comprehensive overview about the spectrum usage at your premises. Based on the knowledge gained, interferers, areas with low coverage, under- and overused spectrum etc. may be detected and presented.

Spectrum engineering

The most powerful spectrum engineering solution that assures optimal spectrum usage with the aid of fully automated coverage predictions, interference assessments and channel assignments.

Design Study

Once the usage rights for the 5G network have been acquired, the network itself needs to be designed and installed. We will analyze your requirements based on the respective use cases and plan and design the network with you. This may also include the creation and evaluation of requests for information for interested network suppliers.

Procurement Support

Once the system design is finished, we will support you in the procurement process by identifying suitable suppliers for the required equipment. This includes for example the definition of technical specifications, the creation of tender documents and the evaluation of bids.

Installation Support

A first step for the installation of a 5G network is the setup of a pilot system in cooperation with suitable network suppliers. We can establish a contact to such suppliers and will be your independent contact person during the installation of the pilot system. In addition, we will evaluate the related installation and test the performance with the aid of profound measurements.

Continuous Monitoring

Keeping the 5G spectrum clean is important to guarantee successful and performant operation. For this purpose, the small and lightweight monitoring devices of the LS OBSERVER family are the perfect solution. We can offer an easy-to-use monitoring system that provides you with a clear overview about the spectrum usage at your premises and that alarms you in case of anomalies. You can operate the system on your own or you can benefit from our experts that provide you with regular and comprehensive reporting as a service.