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LS Digital Exhibition

The LS Digital Exhibition is a digitalization of the exhibition part of the Spectrum Summit and took place from the 1st to the 3rd of December 2020. During 4 video live streams, an excellent overview of different spectrum-related topics as well as of our innovative product and service portfolio was provided.

Find below the content of the streams:

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LS telcom´s product & service portfolio presented in four market-specific live video streams

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Stream 01: Product & Service Portfolio for Regulation Authorities

Took place on Tue, Dec 1

LS telcom is the one stop shop for all spectrum regulation authorities worldwide. In addition to the world’s leading integrated & automated spectrum management system mySPECTRA, we provide advanced spectrum monitoring and geolocation solutions based on the LS OBSERVER product family. Furthermore, our experienced consultants advise on spectrum policy, spectrum strategies, technology migration and spectrum sharing. Current focuses lie hereby on realizing 5G visions as well as on enabling digital transformation.


Stream 02: Broadcast Product & Service Portfolio

Took place on Tue, Dec 1

Digitization and the introduction of more services have a severe impact on the broadcasting market. All stakeholders are competing for a piece of the scarce radio spectrum and need to make the most out of it. LS telcom offers a comprehensive broadcast portfolio consisting of radio network planning and engineering software, spectrum consulting and engineering services, radio monitoring and antenna system verification, dedicated training courses, etc. You may even benefit from full turnkey project support to deploy your optimized broadcast network.

Stream 03: Smart Solutions for Airports, Ports & Transportation Hubs

Took place on Thu, Dec 3

Ensuring a safe, interference and incident free radio environment while providing enough radio frequencies for all radio networks, services and applications is a challenge that all airports, ports and transportation hubs have to face. Today, there is a massive amount of different technologies that are already in operation or on the horizon, ready to operate (e.g. 5G or IoT). Learn more about LS telcom’s integrated radio assurance solutions consisting of hardware, software and consulting services.

Stream 04: Smart Solutions for Industries, Oil & Gas

Took place on Thu, Dec 3

Wireless technologies are a key enabler for the digital transformation. Industries are confronted with challenges related to numerous communication systems. The variety ranges from narrow-band data transmission via RFID to high-end systems in which massive amounts of data have to be transported, e.g. virtual and augmented reality for production support provided by 5G. LS telcom is your reliable partner to realize Industry 4.0 while protecting wireless connectivity in your facilities.

Please note that there will be put special focus on local campus networks from the German Regulator BNetzA in the German session.